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Randy M. Slowe

Country Representative; Sierra Leone

Randy M. Slowe

Country Representative; Apprise Music Sierra Leone

Over 2 decades in the music business doing my own to push music from talented youths to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Specialties: Promotions and marketing, concept developer, song writing, events planning and management. I later traveled to Banjul and met with a friend that shared the same dream with me and we ended setting up.a studio there. We started doing jingles and TV ads for corporate institutions.  We then delved into music production after a successful run of a TV program we did for TV in the Gambia called Gamcel Chart Bursters. I can beat my chest to say we changed the music scene in the Gambia for it to reach the level it is today.

I brought that passing and zealousness to my country Sierra Leone on returning home. I opened up a studio and worked with most of the popular artists that are making waves now in the country. Giving them a new look at the industry. Giving them the opportunity to gain something out of their God given talents. I also worked with international artists like Late Frankie Paul and Morgan Heritage in promotion and planning their shows in the Gambia.

Used to dream and fantasize when I was young to be into the music business and this dream came true when I traveled to Nigeria to do my schooling. I got involved in publicity stunt with a promotion firm that used to bring American artists to Nigeria for concerts. Since then the passion grew and it has been no turning back for me.

I’ve also helped in penning down songs for artists and helped in editing their songs and directing their productions.
I did a lot of concept development for GSM companies in the Gambia for some of their services they were offering customers.

Randy Slowe is the Apprise Rep in Sierra Leone trying to improve the promotion and marketing of our talented artist here that have been lagging behind in financial gains and recognition from the outside world.